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Himalayan Salt Lamps and Candle Holders for Your Wellness
Coral Pink |  Amber Red | Pearl White | Ash Grey

Coral Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps

Ash Grey Himalayan Salt Lamps

The beautiful ambiance of these coral pink salt lamps will create warm space for reflection and well being.


Our exotic grey lamps are harvested from deep within the Himalayan mountains, rare and with a glow to transform your space.


Pearl White Himalayan Salt Lamps

The powerful bright rays of these rare white lamps, turn your room into a stunning showpiece of space and tranquility.


Auburn Red Himalayan Salt Lamps 

The deep and rich red emits the darker glow, while still providing the wellness benefits it creates a unique centerpiece in your home.


Coral Pink Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamps

The beautiful salt hues of amber, pink and coral shine through our stunning artisan crafted shaped Himalayan salt lamps.

Shape of Lamp
Metal Basket Shape

Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

The beautiful salt hues of amber, pink and coral also shine through our beautiful artisan crafted shaped Himalayan salt candle holders.  Lighting a few candles in your home can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere.  Candles can help you feel calm and relaxed which ultimately energizes, eases your mind, and can relive stress.