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Salt Room Supplier

Opening a salt room can be a great addition to your wellness centre, spa or hotel. At Salt First One in Saskatoon, Canada, we provide you with the expertise and knowledge to ensure your salt spa business becomes successful and highly profitable.

We have more than 25 years of business experience in Canada and abroad leading to the successful operation of a salt therapy clinic in Canada, so you know that you are in good hands.

Starting Your Venture

Every successful business needs a business plan with well-rounded and all-inclusive strategies to cover every facet of the venture. Your salt business plan will include:

  • Financing - Assistance with a lease application that includes our optional leasing outlet. Your plan will include a complete list of capital required as well as projected income and expense figures for your lease application.

  • Halogenerator Consultation and Supply - Manufactured with warranty by the Halomed group of companies. They have over 25 years of experience developing and modernizing solutions for the curative application of dry salt aerosol. With over 3,600 installations in 33 countries, they are certain to have all kinds of halogenerators that meet every need and size.

  • Full Premise Consultation - Assistance in choosing a suitable premise and construction plan development that considers many variables such as HVAC requirements and the installation of your halogenerator. We also provide technical support.

  • Full Décor Consultation and Supply - Designing and planning your salt room décor utilising Himalayan bricks, salt walls, salt panels, floor salt, lighting and furnishings. All the details are customized to your space, requirements, requests and budget.

  • Operations - Software recommendations and setup to successfully book your appointments and process retail sales.

  • Marketing - Proven online and offline marketing strategies and training.

  • Staff Training - Salt therapy is an alternative health service which is sold to people based on your knowledge of the therapy and your explanation to your patrons.

  • Retail Consultation and Supply - Recommendations of proven retail products which will enhance your salt therapy business. Your success is our business. Any of the above components and services can be offered separately or together as a package.

  • Plan It. Design It. Market It! - Alternative medicine and wellness is the number one fastest growing industry. Join the movement, offer medical alternatives and be both profitable and successful in your venture!

Salt First One offers full support and a service warranty for 12 months. Get in touch with us for more information.